If it dissolves on the tongue

September 28, 2009 at 9:35 am (Uncategorized)

don’t swallow it.  I just put up a myspace for my hip hop, under the name Gasoline Monk – scope it out here.  I’ve been making beats for a long time, and music in general even longer, but in 2009 I tucked myself away in the basement of a closed-down bakery and didn’t really do anything but write raps and make beats on other people’s computers for an EP called Basement Music.  Now I’ve got software on my own computer and I’m going even crazier with them – you can hear three of these new beats up there as well.  Enjoy, and please hit me with your thoughts. 

Lately I’ve really been digging the cinema of Cameron Pierce.  He made two little shorts and they’re both fucking rad – everything this kid does is sharp or else it’s not done by him.  The first is a trailer for his novel, Shark Hunting in Paradise Garden, but it’s so funny you forget it’s got anything to do with selling anything.  Titled “Jesus Loves Flying Sharks“.  And then he’s got a video set to the Velvet Underground’s “All Tomorrow’s Parties” that’s a pixelated trip.  I really love Cameron’s work, his poetry makes me jealous every time, so obviously when he turns to something else it’s gonna be good too.  Check those out, they’re worth at least 7 minutes of smiles.

Someone else I’ve been digging very much – just happened upon her in the latest issue of Pinstripe Fedora – is this poet named Kristen Orser.  And I just wanted to throw out a heads up, because anyone reading this will also really like her work, and let y’all know you can read a couple chapbooks of hers for free: one at Scantily Clad and one at Blossombones.  Both great and sure to help you out when everything’s seeming blank and dull.

Those are just a couple people I’d been wanting to shout out to.  Love their work and wanna lift it up. 

Keep it real from Boston to Portland and all the other places.

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  1. 2010 « Forrest Armstrong said,

    […] being born so you’ll have to wait to hear more about it, but it’s mad. (Check out this earlier post for directions on how to read two of Kristen’s chapbooks for […]

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