Underground Pick #3

November 2, 2009 at 8:45 am (Uncategorized)

THE TAO OF WU by The RZA, 2009.


This ain’t that underground, but even a lot of Wu-heads slept on the Wu Tang Manual.  DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS.  The Manual is fun for how it gives you bite-sized thought-spills on all these different subjects, but in the Tao, RZA gets much more in depth, much more intelligent and exploratory with his themes… Jeremy from Swallowdown told me about it and what first hooked me was that it was more of a life-story kind of thing, talking about coming up as the Wu and everything – and it is that, but instead of breaking knowledge down into “chambers” like he does with the manual, RZA uses the evolution of himself as an individual through the various stages of his life to demonstrate all the knowledge he’s acquired through it.  As an artist and young individual, the book inspires me a lot, nothing to do with the Wu.  It teaches above all  that we have to put in the time to accumulate knowledge before we can do anything at all – knowledge leads to wisdom which is reflection and action upon knowledge, which leads to understanding.  Shit man, RZA’s got me studying Supreme Mathematics.

We all love Wu and all the brilliant art that’s been put out by the RZA or under his supervision, but I don’t think enough people recognize him as a legitimately dope philosopher, a very wise and enlightened man, and that’s why I chose this as pick #3.  I don’t want anyone to overlook the value this book has. 



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  1. jdosborne said,

    Been meaning to pick this up. RZA’s got a couple mildly strange opinions on homosexuality, but it seems like there could be a lot of good shit in here.

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