A Musician Worth Your Time

November 6, 2009 at 4:27 am (Uncategorized)

I just wanted to throw a heads up to everyone about my man from Portugal named Xizini, because he’s got a bunch of different music projects that I think will be of interest to the people who read this  (whoever you are…)  We first started talking beats because that’s something we’re both really into, and he told me the story of his short rap career – where he’s from the rap scene hated on him for making it independantly and getting success at such a young age, and for being physically different (he’s got two-inch arms but as he told me right away, “My hands work good.”)  Fuck the fact that bullshit like that happens in the world.  Artists get hated on all the time by jealous people who can’t make it themselves – I know I’ve gotten some hate for making things happen so young, and definitely for being a white dude involved in hip hop. 

But he was dope at rap, and he’s super-dope  at production, so I wanted to hit you with his web of music to soak in for a little while.  His beats are my favorite of all. This is real shit that keeps it moving with the drums but overflows with a softer kind of melodic beauty.  He made his first beat on two decks of an old cheap hi-fi k7, using the breaks off some British radio station, and hasn’t stopped since.  It’s too bad he’s done rapping but the shit he left behind for us to enjoy is ill… check out what he made that got all these washed-up assholes so angry.  And in 2008 he started teaming up with Geny to make some jazz/blues stuff, and this is where it gets really soulful.  I dunno, I look for new shit on the internet often and am overwhelmingly disappointed by what most kids are doing in the name of “hip hop” today… but Xizini is very, very fresh.  Some sounds from the other side of the ocean.  Enjoy them.

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  1. Xizini said,

    thanks brandon, i really appreciate that thread!

    keep up the good work =)

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