Asphalt Flowerhead + mixtape for you

November 12, 2009 at 2:18 am (Uncategorized)

This is a special deal only for the first five people that jump on it.  For $12 (less than the price of a regular Asphalt alone – and the twelve bucks includes shipping) I’ll send you a signed and personalized copy of Asphalt Flowerhead with a new Gasoline Monk mixtape, Buddha Milks the Tinfoil Cow.  I’m only gonna make these five copies of the mixtape! so maybe someday when I’m famous it’ll be like, worth money and shit.  More importantly it’s a bunch of my newest beats, basically everything I’ve made since moving into the Bizarro Bunker in Portland (minus the stuff that didn’t work so well).

To get in on this, email me at with the subject “DOPE AS SHIT”- I don’t want to direct you straight to paypal because I don’t want anyone to pay me if all five of these have already gone.  Take care of yourself and continue to live life out of propotion.

(If you search “tinfoil cow” on Google images this man is the first thing to come up):

tinfoil cow

(Is he a tinfoil cow?)

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