I’m about to make your day 7x iller

November 20, 2009 at 6:13 am (Uncategorized)

First off, I just spend the last 24 hours battling a computer virus. Or as roommate Jeff Burk tells me, not a virus, because actual computer viruses don’t really hit computers anymore.  So malware.  It wouldn’t let me open FL Studio to finish the beat I was half-done with when the virus hit, and kept opening up porno.com and porno.org, spliced in with some “Cure Erectile Dysfunction!” sites.  But I killed it, valiantly.  I feel like a gladiator.

There’s actual reasons I started typing this.  Jeff Burk is hosting another massive free download at his site as a thank you to all of you who hit it.  All 6,000 of you.  That’s jaw-dropping and can only be responded to with… the distribution of 5 more free books!  Cameron Pierce’s incredible Ass Goblins of Auschwitz, Carlton Mellick III’s Sausagey Santa, Adam Pepper’s Super Fetus and BOTH of the Bizarro Starter Kits, which feature 10 writers each.  This is a whole lot of art and for anyone who doesn’t know their bizarro yet, this’ll teach you.  They’re all available until the end of Thanksgiving weeked.  You got nothing to lose and a lifelong love relationship to gain.  Check them out at Jeff’s blog

In a similar deal, I put up the third Discharge chapbook for download on Megaupload, so get that here.  There’s so many great writers in this one, including dudes you already know if you’ve read Avant-Garde for the New Millennium, Robert Chrysler and murmurists.  But all these guys are very talented and producing a unique family of experimental work.  I first got involved with them through my buddies Jase Daniels and Kek-W – to give you a feel for where a lot of these guys are coming from.

That’s six books for free, so you owe it to yourself to experience them.  Finally, relax to my man J-Dub’s newest beat – also free, also beautiful.



  1. K@T in the H@T said,

    First off – if malware rears his ugly head again, try MalwareBytes’ Anti-Malware. An EXCELLENT anti-spyware scanner (this coming from an “ex”-hacker). Is good, yes.

    Secondly…..DAMN! Free books & not just public mainstream pablum, but The Real, The Creative — you’d have to be a fool to pass this up. *starts his downloads now*

    Thirdly -once you download some of this Treasure Trove, don’t forget to send feedback to the authors. We write because we want to be heard, so listen & let us know what you think. There is no bad feedback but silence & being ignored. These are Twitter posts, motherfuckers, this is Writing As Craft, As Experiment, As COMMUNE-ication.

    Don’t miss the show………

  2. K@T in the H@T said,

    DAMMIT – these are *NOT* Twitter posts.

    *cusses out his keyboard, when it’s his own fault*

  3. forrestarmstrong said,

    Haha, well maybe sometimes they are twitter posts. Cameron tells me his favorite moment in Faulkner is an entire chapter in As I Lay Dying that simply reads, “My mother was a fish.”

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