December 9, 2009 at 3:00 am (Uncategorized)

The way I write I generally do things in batches, trying to keep a bunch of big things floating at once and then letting them all sink into the world at once. Which is why I feel inclined to talk about what I’m writing now, since I’ve been keeping those whales floating for a while now without telling you much about them. I probably still won’t tell you all that much about them but at least I’ll tell you what exists.

In April I put out both Asphalt Flowerhead and Avant-Garde for the New Millennium; ever since things have been a little quiet. They’re about to get really damn noisy, just to let you know. Here are some of the things on their way. Capped with a picture of some fly graffiti from my homeland, Boston.

– Sometime in January I will be dropping the Urban Sleep mixtape, which acts basically as a soundtrack for my upcoming book from Swallowdown. All Gasoline Monk beats and some disjointed poetica, all based on the story of the book.

– New books from Swallowdown Press. A novel and a story collection and we’ll see how much air is left in 2010 to make something else. Not 100% on the titles (been letting many words gestate in my head for weeks now) but the story collection is called Mechanism I Disintegrate and the novel is connected to the Urban Sleep mixtape; expect similar title.

– A graphic novel with Jase Daniels! It’s gonna be so great to get back to work with Jase. The very first major project both of us every did was This City is Alive, which ended up being nominated for the Wonderland Award. Jase’s head and my head blend together really well; we feed the crazy hyper-digital dreamworld inside each other’s heads. (Check Jase’s art out here.)

– A mad poetic explosion with Kristen Orser. This is still being born so you’ll have to wait to hear more about it, but it’s mad. (Check out this earlier post for directions on how to read two of Kristen’s chapbooks for free.)

– A short story called “Arias Over the Drum Machine” in Eckhard Gerdes’ Journal of Experimental Fiction. Big fan of the journal, honored to be in it.

– Probably a shitload more. “I don’t sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death.” – Nas

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