Two new GAS MONK beats

December 10, 2009 at 12:48 am (Uncategorized)

Yeah! Two new ones for you before I venture out to Denmark and Boston, where my family’s at. Over the entire trip I’m gonna be working on the Urban Sleep mixtape, which I mentioned last post. Which leads me to some cool news:

Over the course of making the mixtape I’m gonna be releasing tracks, accompanied by excerpts of the scene the track corresponds to, for free download. But these downloads are only gonna be available for 24 hours each. So keep glued to this site and you’ll be receiving a bunch of exclusive music and words!

In the meantime, check out those two new songs here. “I’m Sitting in Javier’s” comes from smoking way too much marijuana first thing in the morning and bringing my laptop down to the burrito joint. By the afternoon I looked down and realized there was a song built on the computer screen that I must have made. “Maria You Are Swell” is a love song to a girl that doesn’t exist. Get down.

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