Things I like about Europe more than America

December 17, 2009 at 11:46 am (Uncategorized)

Just about everything. Every time I come here I’m reminded how much better they do things. I’ve been partying with kids from all over Europe at the Danish folk school my sister goes to (a folk school is a place kids go to take a year off from high school, or they go to in between high school in college… it’s all focused on art, there are no grades, and the teachers get drunk with the kids) and lounging in the beautiful city of Arhus.

In Europe you can start shouting along with drunk people in the street and they will invite you to their apartment to get more drunk with them and listen to 90’s hip hop. The graffiti is bangin’ and it’s everywhere, sides of apartment buildings and everything. You make friends every night you go out, whereas in America you’re pretty much shit out of luck if you’re in a city where you don’t know anybody. In Europe you can tongue kiss a boy and retain enough heterosexuality to go home with a beautiful girl 10 minutes later. If you have brown hair you are going to be considered sexy. On average people sleep later and leave work earlier. The architecture reflects the fact that the cities have been around for thousands of years (Portland looks very new to me, being a west coast city, whereas Boston looks old and dirty… but both of them are infantile compared to the vibe of any European city). Bad music sounds good here and good music makes you start shaking ecstatically. People are open with their feelings – to many Americans, you’re kind of a pussy if you talk about that stuff to anyone but your tightest friends (which makes me very much a “pussy”). Accents are awesome. Awesome to listen to, but apparently this goes both ways – I always thought I had pretty much an accent-less voice but people are fascinated and stop in the street to hear us talk to each other. Just about every country has a support system for artists, which makes you even more bitter to be a “starving artist” in America. In general, people are just happier here – they are more filled with life, less strapped down to the commercial aesthetic we’re fed 24×7 in America – they’re more used to meeting people who are filled with passion and interest. Schools are cheap or free. Shit, everything’s better. Like I said.

Sorry I’ve neglected you readers, but the list above oughta justify that.


  1. jdosborne said,

    I read this post while listening to Medina, just for the full effect. Now I’m thinking of you in black and white in a stroby club. Weird. Europe is the shiiit. Lived in Germany for three years, it was a great time. The air’s just different over there.

    • forrestarmstrong said,

      It’s true, the air really is different over there. It’s like you can smell how much more legit it is or some shit.

  2. Kevin Shamel said,

    This really makes me want to go to Europe, dude. And I’ve never really wanted to.

    • forrestarmstrong said,

      You never been, dude?

      For real, let’s do a trippy artists air trip to Europe and have the time of our lives.

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