Society is a Rabid Mouth; I Will Teach You

December 27, 2009 at 10:49 pm (Uncategorized)

Hi! Here’s the first release off the upcoming Urban Sleep mixtape, called “Society is a Rabid Mouth; I Will Teach You.” I’m gonna be doing these releases on a regular basis until the mixtape drops. The mixtape’s going to be a free download, and then, a month or two later, the novel’s gonna come out. Basically, if you like this stuff, stay glued here, because for the next few months there’ll be a nonstop train of similar art coming at you.

This first one’s got a special deal goin’ with it. I used samples off Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain to make the beat, and I’m curious if anybody’s as much a junky for this film as I am. First person who can tell me what scene of The Holy Mountain this is from gets a free copy of Asphalt Flowerhead. With scribbles and shit in it. So get at me:

Bump this! The download for the song and the excerpt of the novel that the song’s tied to is right here. (Look back a few days in this blog to read what I got to say about the integration of music and words, nostalgia machines, etc. etc.)

(12/28 UPDATE: I put up another link for download, because a lot of people have been having trouble at the first one. So try here if the first  one doesn’t work for you. And if anybody knows a more solid way to provide reliable downloads for the people, get at me.)

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  1. Society is a Rabid Mouth « Meat Magick! said,

    […] Society is a Rabid Mouth In anticipation of his next novel, Forrest Armstrong has just released the first track from the Urban Sleep mix tape, a soundtrack that accompanies the book. The track utilizes samples from Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain. I think it’s a solid notch above Forrest’s Eraserhead-derived beats. You can download the song and an excerpt from the novel here. […]

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