I Want to Untie Myself

January 4, 2010 at 6:31 pm (Uncategorized)

I wish there were teleporters so we could belong to no place, so you could step out of your bathroom in Boston and sit by the  river in Paris. I’ve heard it said that they might already exist, but like all things that make perfect sense, it’ll destroy some businesses if we use them and they keep getting smothered out. Who would ever go through an airport again. Especially with this shit going on the last couple weeks. I got tired of saying “goddamn government” a long time ago and now when I say it it’s in that forfeiting way you say like about a cousin of yours that just can’t stop fucking up.

Just some things inside my head.


  1. Daniel said,

    goddamn government,
    overdubbed bubble mint.

  2. jdosborne said,

    Things to think about: if you are teleported, meaning your being is broken down into billions of tiny parts and beamed out, and then reassembled someplace else, can anyone prove that it’s still you? You could have died, but you wouldn’t know it. The new you would be born someplace else, with all of your memories, but to you, it’ll be like you died when you stepped in the transporter.

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