I Dream in Different Blacks

January 7, 2010 at 11:33 pm (Uncategorized)

Here’s the second Urban Sleep mixtape + excerpt package, “I Dream in Different Blacks.” This beat was crazy to make. I’ve never done so much for a single piece, never had so many channels and so many effects and filters blah blah blah going into one song as I did with this, not even with something like the “Eraserhead Beat Symphony.” Fortunately, you’ll never even hear most of what went into this song. I remember the look on my friend’s face a few days ago when I showed him the midpoint version, where everything was happening at once, Lauryn Hill’s “Fu Gee La” laughter coming out of nowhere, pianos crashing against each other, etc. You won’t even see most of what went into this track. But I think the end product, which is pretty simple, reflects the fact that it emerged out of total chaos. Calm after the storm’s died down kinda thing.

There’s some talk from The Holy Mountain on this one, too. And props to Audio Two for the hook. The excerpt is a bit more sedate than the last excerpt, but I thought just the simple thought processes the narrator was having was what worked best with this song. The song brings some craziness and wordplay by itself (oh yeah, I forgot; there’s rap on this one). For now get into the money meditation.

Downloads here: both on Rapid Share and Mega Upload.

(By the way, the above picture was taken by JC Iverson, a photographer I enjoy. Check out his “Delightful Decay” album.)

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