Jeff Burk done did it again

January 24, 2010 at 8:21 pm (Uncategorized)

I just think this is a really cool article he  wrote yesterday, “Punk Rock Marketing and Magic.”

Punk rock is to  Jeff what hip hop is to me.

It begins like:

Penny Rimbaud was the founder, drummer, and lyricist for the seminal anarcho band Crass.  Inspirational to thousands of youth the world over, Crass broke new ground in what could musically be considered punk and how a punk band could present itself.

Penny was fascinated with how major corporations presented themselves and drilled their image in people’s minds.  The use of symbols, such as logos, is a defining aspect of corporate culture.  With a good logo, a small image can invoke a wide variety of complex emotions in the viewer.  Be it the McDonald’s “M” to inspire hunger (or the thought of breasts) or the Playboy bunny to invoke lust.  Businesses have long ago mastered the art of manipulation.

Not to be outdone, Penny wanted a symbol for his projects that could hold the same power.  He wasn’t looking for a band logo, but a logo for a movement.  He turned to his friend and artist, Dave King, and got this:

Read the whole  thing here. Super Giant Monster Time, Jeff’s second book, is hot on its heals. And Shaternerquake is still shatnerquaking the world.

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