January 28, 2010 at 12:37 pm (Uncategorized)

I just read Lovecraft for the first time tonight. Mind blowing. The textures, images, atmospheres… everything was so big, breathtaking. Even the language, which I know gets a very mixed response. I can definitely understand why; sometimes it’s so dense and sterile that you really just have to grit your teeth and trudge through it. But then there’s lines that just stun you. Even just him describing the limestone cliffs in “The Rats in the Walls” – which is before any of the crazy shit starts going down (and a lot of crazy shit goes down, much of which will probably leak into the dream I’m gonna start having ten minutes after writing this).

A lot of people in the art crowds I’m associated with probably would’ve called me a sinner or something worse if they knew I hadn’t read him before now, but hey, I got my surrealism kicks elsewhere I guess. Now I have a whole new tub to soak in. Big thanks are due to Jeff Burk, who lent me the Del Ray collection of Lovecraft he’s had since he was 12.

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  1. K@T in the H@T said,

    Hell yes! His Cthulhu Mythos are my faves.

    Ambrose Bierce also writes some quite badass stuff in the same mythos (sometimes even better than Lovecraft, methinks).

    I love the “Elder Gods” concept & his descriptions of insanity best.

    PS: I had a copy of the Necronomicon when I was a teenager. Didn’t work (dammit)….

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