Early Sampling

January 29, 2010 at 10:41 am (Uncategorized)

Yo, this is something my man JDUBEATS wrote. A little while back we started doing some writings on hip hop culture, and this came from that – about the use of sampling before and outside of hip hop. I wanted to share it. Definitely check his beats, too. 


I found out about this guy through one of my most favorite bands CAN. His name is Karlheinz Stockhausen and his music is pretty out there. He was one of the pioneers of electronic music and made really crazy compositions of samples from field recordings and messed with different waves of sound. If you listen to his music you’ll notice that it’s mostly sound and doesn’t have an exact melody or anything but he was one of the first to introduce the capabilities of electronic programming.

The electronic age boomed in Germany’s “Krautrock” scene in the sixties with bands like Kraftwerk creating their own electronic instruments. Bands like CAN were some of the first to use drum machines like in their song “Spoon” and other songs throughout  Tago Mago.

I think it’s pretty interesting to see electronic music in it’s primitive days and to see how we use MPC’s and computers to make beats now. Just imagine these people really breaking it down to a science and synthesizing sound on their own without any programs or pre-made hardware. It’s really insane.

Most of these artists have tons of respect for Hip Hop too. It’s almost a continuance of what they were experimenting with in the sixties.  In fact, the drummer from CAN, Jaki Liebezeit, played with Madlib live in Koln Germany with Brasilintime.

Also the song “Vitamin C” was a popular break dancing song back in the day. Check it out and you’ll see why.


Again, definitely check my man’s beats, he was really my teacher when I got in on the Gasoline Monk shit. I realized immediately after posting this that I definitely want to just hit you with one of ’em, so here it is (shit, lotsa weird music on this blog today. Get lost in it).


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