in mude

February 3, 2010 at 9:13 pm (Uncategorized)

Vomitus Skink (aka Jase Daniels) just released his first full-length noise album, in mude. I’m a big fan of Jase’s art and his sound is no different; it gets a lot of the same atmospheres, but as Jase described to me in interviews for a feature in Issue #3 of The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction, the difference between his art in images and his art in sound is “Time. Music is bound by duration, whereas an image you can observe for as long (or as briefly) as you want… I think my music creates a similar space in your head, and grips you harder than my images, but maybe doesn’t leave such a deep impression, as they are more ‘ambient.'” I highly recommend this – I think of it as meditation music for the digital age. Only Jase’s brain coulda made it. Check it out here. The album can be downloaded for free or purchased as a physical CD – which is real cheap and comes with original, unique artwork.


  1. Vomitus Skink said,

    thanks man.

  2. Feline in a Fedora said,

    Cool! If this is half as twisted as Jase’s writing, this should be quite a treat!

    …and how fortuitous that I’ve been on quite a noise/lo-fi/weirdness trip lately to boot!

    * downloading it now *

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