Forrest in The Journal of Experimental Fiction #37

February 10, 2010 at 5:28 am (Uncategorized)

Eckhard Gerdes (co-editing this one with Jeff Burk) released a bizarro-themed issue of The Journal of Experimental Fiction and man, the contents are amazing. It’s got work from Steve Aylett, Kevin Donihe, Cameron Pierce, Mykle Hansen, Gina Ranalli, myself, and a big handful of other writers making weird fiction in a more experimental way. It’s also got a very pleasant review of Asphalt Flowerhead written by Eckhard himself. Here’s a bit of it:

“When I was cutting my teeth on experimental fiction, my favorite author was that brilliant old paranoid William S. Burroughs… Thirty years have passed since I read The Ticket that Exploded, but I think I’ve finally found a writer with the skill to cut Dr. Benway’s rusty surgical blade through the next leg of the run through the nightmarish urban jungle: Forrest Armstrong. Asphalt Flowerhead is a brilliantly sharp novel in this very direction, and its serrated language drips with blood.”

This makes me happy, especially the “next leg of the run through the nightmarish urban jungle,” because I’ve always felt this generation (my generation – I’m 20 years old, so basically the first row of kids to grow up with computers in their homes) could use someone to explore the more shadowy parts of it the way Burroughs explored his. We do have a lot of fine writers working today, no doubt, but for me and the kids I grew up with I think we always felt like we were on some shit that nobody was addressing point-blank. In Asphalt I tried to look at some of those things.

You can get the new issue of Eckhard’s journal here, and for the heads that haven’t dipped into Asphalt Flowerhead yet, Amazon has that too.

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