Easy Sailing

February 16, 2010 at 11:08 am (Uncategorized)

Hey folks – I owe you an update from RadCon which I’ll do tomorrow, ’cause there’s definitely some crazy shit to talk about once my brain cools down. What I wanna do now is give you an album made by a very dear friend of mine. Dan Halpern has been my boy since we met back in Boston… we musta been like 14 at the time. We went on to spend all of high school in The Kymera Effect. That band did so friggin’ much for everybody in it, it’s crazy… when we started the youngest member was 12 and it didn’t end ’til we graduated school and split. I can say 100% I wouldn’t be the artist I am now if not for TKE and the four dudes that were in it with me.

Dan’s been on an enlightenment trip intensely ever since we all split. He’s always been a poet and a musician, but lately he’s been putting his discoveries together into tangible forms. An almost-finished book, for one thing, which can be explained like this: “If an atom were blown up to the size of a baseball stadium, the nucleus would be a raisin on the pitcher’s mound and fruit flies would be the electrons. Everything in this universe is mostly space, even our seemingly concrete bodies. So the book has a lot of spread-out words and blank space, both to help guide the reader, easily, through epiphanies that might blow your mind, and also to reflect Life… shit’s spacey.”

But what I’m writing to tell you about today is the album he just put out, Easy Sailing. It’s him on vocals and acoustic guitars, but with just those two pieces I think he manages to get everything – his poetic sense, his mystic radiance, and obviously his musical aesthetic – into one place. That’s what makes it really special to me, and makes me put it in front of you now. Download the whole thing for free here. Also, anybody who’s inspired by this and wants to put some cover art together, do it up. You can email it to me at delarocha59@yahoo.com.

I just told Dan tonight, “You don’t know how many times I do the thing I think you’d do.” He’s one of the best friends I have and one of the biggest inspirations I know. He digs into the world to figure it out and then tells everybody in the most zen-beautiful ways he knows.


  1. Katin Thehat said,

    Sounds worth a download, I’ll try it!

    Your friend Dan reminds me of a few characters in Asphalt Flowerhead — any chance he was part of the inspiration for them?

    • forrestarmstrong said,

      He totally was, man. All those Kymera Effect kids were a big inspiration, and really even though nobody but the kids who were there will understand why, I say Asphalt is very much about the high school experience for me. Kind of projections of what our high school vibe coulda turned into.

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