February 18, 2010 at 6:10 am (Uncategorized)

I’ve been tired the past few days since we got back, but RadCon really was fun as hell and I wanna jot some notes about it. I went with Rose, Carlton, Jeremy, Kevin Shamel, Jeff, Cameron, Chrissy, and Angie to a huge hotel in a Washington town called Pasco… the drive there was beautiful, along the Columbia River most of the time and streaming through bright green mountains. I got that urge I get sometimes to live on a mountain, even one of those ones with the highway in sight. The town’s small, very little in it but a strange cluster of fast food joints and other things like that that take up maybe eight blocks and then nothing. And in the middle of this small, quiet high-desert kinda place, this massive hotel filled with people.

 All kinds of people. Shit was crazy. Honestly the whole weekend I felt like I was on some kind of trip, or maybe just got California-headrushed (self-imposed blackouts that we gave ourselves in middle school). A crazy amount of over-stimulation that’s actually kind of thrilling. There were plenty of literature people there, including Year’s Best Horror and Fantasy editor Ellen Datlow, and so much of everything else.

The Eraserhead folks put on a great performance at the Saturday Night Bizarro Hour. Cameron’s performance was one of the best I’ve ever seen him do and involved him stealing half the audience’s shoes (no joke). Carlton gave us not one but two performances including his famous “WereFonzie” trailer [for the best movie ever not made], and Kevin proved he’s a bad ventriloquist, but still a great man. Jeff Shatnerquaked all over everybody’s faces. Jeremy MC’d in his usual incredible way, using props like these:

We spent the nights stalking from surreal room to surreal room and soaking it all in. Through the rooms with computers connected to a massive video game screen in the middle and the halls where people walked by in masks and stilts (an interesting note – there’s a huge “juggalo” attendance at this particular Con, usually – to the extent that they had to ban clown paraphenelia this year. So the juggalos had to get more experimental with their get-ups). Jeremy, Kevin and I stumbled into a room that was empty except for one dude and sat for half an hour watching his anime music videos.

Oh – Jeff and I became particularly fond of the rave they had there. That was insane. We dragged everyone there at some point (except Carlton! and for that next time you come over I’m throwing on Naughty by Nature and you’re doing a solo dance) and man, as Jeremy says, we cut a rug. Great lights, music that made you move irresistably even when it was bad. At 2:30 in the morning even, we’re sitting around and go, “Wanna hit that rave again?”

We all did some panels, and those were really fun. Funny thing is, with all the literature panels we were on, the panel any of us killed the most was Jeff on a Star Trek panel (of course). I snuck in the room for a second and had to laugh because he was rocking like, an authentic Star Trek uniform shirt. It was ill.

And we spread bizarro to more people, and for real, everybody we met was awesome. So many kind, friendly weirdos and that’s what we’re all about. RadCon hooked us up big time, too, the folks who put it together were so great to us, and I know every bizarro who went there feels the same. What a way to spend a weekend 🙂


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