Enter the Workforce

February 22, 2010 at 3:18 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m awake at 7 am! Holy shit! Not much more to say than that. I’m a working man now. After months in the ghetto that is Portland where jobs are like four-leaf clovers. It’s been so long I almost forget what it feels like to get a paycheck.

Portland’s not really a ghetto. It’s nice and clean and people put cigarettes out on the bottoms of their shoes so they can properly dispose of them in the trash can. But the amount of kids in their twenties who move here with no plan (raise my hand) means every job that opens up has twenty kids on it before anyone can blink. I feel very lucky to’ve gotten out of that hunt. 

On a side note, after rocking the Koushik station on Pandora for an hour, I stumbled upon this song. Now, Koushik is already a lot smoother than I usually go for, and this song by Elak makes Koushik seem like… Dr. Dre or something. But I love it anyways.

You haven’t heard a blog song this bad since I was over visiting Denmark! But you’re gonna enjoy it anyways.

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