The Art of Anthony Max

February 24, 2010 at 3:19 am (Uncategorized)

When people ask me which visual artists working today I really like, a few names always come to my head right away – Jase Daniels, a handful of graffiti artists I’ve seen with enough frequency to develop a deep admiration for, and Anthony Max. He’s a great surrealist painter who often paints sleep deprived to achieve the state of actually dreaming onto the canvas. Also the guy who did the cover art for Asphalt Flowerhead. It hit me that I had to throw a few of ’em up here – I hadn’t yet. I think it’s something we can all enjoy.

Oh yeah, he’s also a tattoo artist. If you’re ever in Memphis, get that ink. (Click pictures to enlarge)


  1. Daniel said,

    thanks B! it’s awesome how a picture makes an over-all impression… and then you keep looking, and more subtle stuff starts striking chords with you… and it keeps getting deeper and resonating on more intensely refined and delicate levels… i read recently that “time is the alchemist that can heal anything.” these paintings remind me that time is the alchemist that can transform art, brushstrokes, colors, chords, drum patterns… into… something as wonderful as inifniti.

  2. forrestarmstrong said,

    I know man, there’s so much happening in his work. I think you can feel how subconscious-influenced it is in that. The things happening in it almost unaware of themselves.

    Thanks for your words, reminds me too that the subconscious is always sculpting. Also reminds me that in mushrooms trips it seems like two months of subconscious activity gets smushed into six hours.

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