PDX can get down too

February 26, 2010 at 12:29 am (Uncategorized)

Great show last night at the Mt. Tabor Theater, hosted by Gavin and Lucas of the Hives Inquiry Squad. Ever since I moved to Portland I’ve been trying to find the good hip hop going on here and my search kept turning up people like Cool Nutz, who just don’t click with me. No disrespect, just not what I’m trying to do. So much thanks to Hives for putting me on the bill at Mt. Tabor, because I heard a lot of great music going on. Gavin’s a great producer himself, and a handful of ill emcees took the mic at some point.

During my set a lot of emcees ended up coming on stage and freestyling. The dudes from Hives and another dude who I was really into named Cloudy October – check him out. Maybe my favorite of all (because I was having such a blast just listening to him that I pretty much forgot to keep the music moving) was this old Jamaican dude, who just walked onstage during my set and asked what was going on. I invited him behind the laptop to watch what I was doing, then he grabbed the mic and started rapping about saving the forests and we’ll all find a better way.

Yo, speaking of Cloudy October, he’s in the top 8 finalists for a chance to open for Snoop Dogg in Portland. I think he’s an insane emcee and definitely deserves the spotlight. So after checking out his music from the link above, if you feel the same, head over here and vote for him, make it happen. (Just click on Snoop to get to the voting page.)

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