Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits

March 1, 2010 at 5:33 pm (Uncategorized)

On the first day of every month, make sure you say this. I’d say it brings you good luck but I think it’s really just bad luck if you don’t; it neutralizes luck. Since I started smoking cigarettes I’ve always flipped one cigarette upside-down in the pack and called it my “lucky,” you’re supposed to smoke it last. But it’s not lucky, only unlucky if smoked out of order. Sometimes I’ll bum someone my lucky and I don’t know what to feel about that.

Is the absence of bad luck transferable?

Maybe. Mikey’s on the couch sleeping. The first place we took him when he got into Portland was the emergency room; since then he’s been taking so many pills his stomach’s in knots. Fuck illness. I usually try really hard to pretend it doesn’t exist and sometimes that works and I can slip away from it and sometimes it doesn’t and the illness just keeps knocking louder and louder on my door until I have to let it in, all angry and shit.

Mixing is the name of the game today. That Satyricon show on March 12th is also the date I release the mixtape I’ve been working on the past few months. Urban Sleep is what I’ve been calling it but that’s not what it’s called – we haven’t decided the name of the corresponding novel yet. So it’s probably something like Soundtrack to an Unnamed Book which Jeremy at Swallowdown Press joked should be the title of the actual book, too, why not. Very soon all Gas Monk stuff on Myspace etc. will be updated with all these new tracks I haven’t shown anybody yet. I can’t wait to show you. G’bye.

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