Lesson One: Rubber Cement Sucks

March 12, 2010 at 10:32 am (Uncategorized)

Just finished printing up all the Gas Monk mixtapes… as soon as I wake up tomorrow it’ll all be online! Then Satyricon tomorrow night for the release. Fun day. Making the mixtapes today was great because I got to do everything I did two days ago all over again, detail for detail. What happened the first time is that Rubber cement is a very powerful chemical, which will eat through all of your art. CDs, plastic, paper, you name it.

Every CD has different art printed on it (though the covers are always that dope Jase art you saw already). So if you’re pickin’ up a physical copy, prepare for a surprise. Unless it’s one of these:

(By the way this is the first time I ever tried to load cell phone pics onto a computer. That’s a pretty damn handy tool.)

Really excited for these, and for the book that it corresponds to, which should see birth in a month or two… stay ttttunedddd.

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