Mixtape out now!

March 12, 2010 at 10:50 pm (Uncategorized)

Here it is folks… Soundtrack to an Unnamed Book is out now. Twenty tracks, riddled with blends and interludes. Available both in physical, signed copies and a downloadable version that’s free. And each CD has different art printed on it… some graffiti, some trip stuff, some bullshit… if you got anything specific in mind, lemme know when you purchase.

Buy it here.

OR download for free here.


  1. Someone You Should Listen To said,

    Oh yeah…. FUCK yeah!

    Gas Monk’s rollin’ new rhymes & beats to hop your hips & street your feet.

    Beat-alicious screw-groovy badass better-than-yo-mama dope shit pops off like Tek9’s at night.

    Zap! Boooom bap bap boom!

    >> get this y’all – or be left behind <<

  2. Bizarro News « Jeff Burk – Bizarro Author and Editor said,

    […] – Forrest Armstrong (aka Gasoline Monk) has out a new mixtape. […]

  3. Gink said,

    Thanks for the download! I’m certainly no hip-hop aficionado, but have been lovin’ these tracks. My new favorite album to have on when writing.

    I’ve got little use for physical CDs anymore, but am purchasing one to support some real music, and lookin’ forward to the art disk. All that for $5, can’t beat it!

  4. forrestarmstrong said,

    Much appreciated, dude 🙂 very glad I can help give you juice to write with

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    […] only be a couple months before my Swallowdown Press book comes out (the one that I just made a soundtrack for)… check the banner JRJ  just […]

  6. New Gasoline Monk Mixtape « Jeff Burk – Bizarro Author and Editor said,

    […] Click here for more information and to download for free. […]

  7. Mixtape Art « Forrest Armstrong aka Gasoline Monk said,

    […] I only have one and if I lose it it’s lost forever.) He made the art for my last mixtape, Soundtrack to an Unnamed Book, and you can expect to see all Gas Monk stuff coming out with the same sort of look, thanks to […]

  8. Soundtrack to What? « Forrest Armstrong aka Gasoline Monk said,

    […] 7, 2010 at 1:14 pm (Uncategorized) Remember that  mixtape I put out a few weeks ago, Soundtrack to an Unnamed Book? Well, that “unnamed book” finally has a name. In a month or two, THE DEADHEART […]

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