Book + Mixtape deal

March 14, 2010 at 2:04 am (Uncategorized)

I always like to do this when I release a new mixtape. I consider myself a hybrid artist; music and words are different ways of doing the same thing for me, and if you’re down with one, you’re down with the other. So the deal I got goin’ now is a copy of my new mixtape, Soundtrack to an Unnamed Book, with a copy of either one of my books for $10. No shipping. Asphalt Flowerhead (my novel) or Avant-Garde for the New Millennium, an anthology featuring something like 25 different writers, dudes like Carlton Mellick III, Steve Aylett, James Chapman, Cameron Pierce, etc.

I only got a handful of copies of each book… I’m not putting up a direct buy link because I don’t want your money to go through on something that might already be outta stock. Just email me at and let me  know whether you want Asphalt Flowerhead or the Avant-Garde anthology. Peace!

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