Moving Back to Boston

March 21, 2010 at 10:07 pm (Uncategorized)

Bittersweet, as usual. Never easy to leave anywhere but ever since I was five and my parents got divorced I’ve moved all over like mad and got used to it. I like to drift. So although it’s getting beautiful in Portland now, with the sun leaning on our heads and the white blossoms out – apple blossoms, I learned – I feel it’s time to flip the page to the next chapter. The brick-plastered streets of Boston loom too strong in my memories; I need to get back to fuel up. Dunno where I’ll go from there.

Much love to Jeff Burk, Cameron Pierce, Angie Molinar and Chrissy Horchheimer for making this one hell of a year. I’ll miss you guys a lot. This seriously felt almost like a college experience, like there were lessons I had to learn in Portland… whatever happens from here, there’ll be no doubt that the foundation of my career is built largely from these months I’ve been living in the Bunker with y’all.

I’ll miss my buddy Jeremy Robert Johnson a shitload (although, to clarify, I’ve already been asked a couple times if me leaving Portland means me leaving Swallowdown Presshell no. I’ll be there a looooong time), who’s soon to be a father – and peace out to Jess, his wife. Jess – that waffle breakfast you cooked us that morning is still the best meal I ever ate in Portland! Followed closely by Chrissy’s German Potato Salad. 

Peace to Rose O’Keefe and Carlton Mellick III at Eraserhead Press – it was great, and you both gave me a lot of wisdom to take with me. Rose, I regret never tango dancing with you! Carl, shit, we never did spend that week of mornings in the office, did we? On my next visit to Portland, it’s you and me. We’ll get pastrami breakfast sandwiches and Dr. Pibb, too (I remember).

Mike Daily… shit, it was great to become friends man. Thanks for taking me to the studio, those were my only studio trips the entire time I was in Portland. Now get that bike amped up! Jess Gulbranson, thanks for the jam my man. It was wacky and I wish it could happen again soon – let’s see what the following years hold. Mykle Hansen, you  crazy bear man. I really regret missing that trip to the coast with you and Kevin D. I thought I’d have more time to make up for it… but none of us is dyin’ yet. Daniel Scott Buck – thanks for having us for thanksgiving. It was my first time being out of Northeast America for the holidays and I couldn’t picture a better way to spend it.

Kevin Shamel and Terri – you don’t live in Portland, but sometimes I still feel like we’re neighbors. Of the heart. Same goes for you Gina and Karen.

Much love to all the fine folks I met through my roommates – would like to take a minute to say Whitney Streed, you’re killin’ it. And I was just telling Angie the other day that’s it’s cool to know that, for 100% sure, next time I visit Portland, you will be killing it even harder. Props!

Oh shit, I forgot somebody. Man I’ll miss you Sophie 😦


  1. Kevin Shamel said,


  2. Terri said,

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeek! We did not grab you to come up here fast enough. I know if you had a Kevin home-cooked dinner you would not leave.

    Awww. Thanks for the shout out. I do not like the leaving, but I trust you know what is best for you, sweet boy. Dang. You better come back sometimes. The PNW is so gorgeous in spring and summer. How long are you staying?

    • forrestarmstrong said,

      i really have no idea… i just gotta stack some money, get ready for real life again. i’m gonna be lounging in the studio a lot in bostonm, gettin lots of new Gas Monk stuff done, so whenever i’ll do return i’ll come loooooaded with songs 🙂

      but kevin and terri… much love ❤

  3. Jess Gulbranson said,

    That’s too bad, brother. But you do what you need to do. We’ll see lot’s of good stuff from you. And maybe I just need to do some remote remixes of the Gasoline Monk oeuvre… best of luck, man!!!

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