Sam Pink

March 21, 2010 at 2:30 am (Uncategorized)

owns. Just wanted to mention that. We’ve got his book I Am Going to Clone Myself Then Kill the Clone and Eat It out on the kitchen table and I’ve been picking it up daily, reading over the poems in it. They’re always funny, but in a way I’ve never really seen before; uncomfortably poetic for how lunatic they are. He’s got another book coming soon from Afterbirth Books, Frowns Need Friends Too. Check out his blog here.

Here’s a couple poems from the one I’m reading now:

Everyone Is Trying to Hug Me and I Don’t Have Enough Arms to Block Them All

Every time someone asks me what my name is like they’re going to begin a conversation, I want to say, “I know exactly what kind of shampoo you use because I have constructed a hole in the ceiling of your bathroom and I watch you. But not in a perverted way, more like a caring, endearing way.” That way the conversation probably won’t happen.

Politeness is Goodness

My friend was peeing in a parking lot once and some guy walked by unexpectedly. As the guy passed him, he looked at my friend’s dick. My friend said, “Yep – hey look, that’s my dick.” I thought it was funny how he trimmed the nonsense and just introduced it already. Also, very polite.

The Best Person to Kiss On the Mouth is Definitely Me

Yesterday, on the way home, I walked between two streetlights. I watched the shadow in front of me and the shadow behind me move and align perfectly beneath me. I worry that I am never going to learn anything or have anything important to say.

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