March 27, 2010 at 9:54 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m sittin here smoking Bugler. Yes, I’ve been reduced to rolled cigarettes. Already feel sick, but I suspect that came off of Carlton Mellick, not Bugler. Feel better Carl (cough). Of course Portland’s getting beautiful; soon as I announced my departure everything started to bloom. Two more days of apple & cherry blossoms, then back home to that great New England muck.

We still don’t know what to call it (I’ve gone through a few titles, but titles are often the final touch for me and it’s rare I get it right off the bat. For a while I was calling it Warm Milk, then Prelude to Urban Sleep), but the Swallowdown Press book is going to be out in a couple months and Jeremy and I are figuring out stuff like cover art now. Which lets us look at a lot of really dope things, like this


But I stay two steps ahead; it’s been a while since I’ve been working on that book. Lately it’s all about comics with my longtime friend Jase Daniels. I already did one post about my initial reactions to writing comics and won’t write much more about it now but I will say that I love how often I get to tell Jase to draw a 40 oz.

Jase and I are also working on a musical project with Portland poet Mike Daily. It’s turning out to sound a lot like a radio broadcast you’d hear in a dream. Another Gasoline Monk thing coming soon: a track with a very dope French singer named Mélissandre. Plus two more mixtapes that I’ll be completing in Boston, with the privelage of being able to hit real studios again. (You should see my bedroom).

I’m looking forward to being on the east coast again, as much as I’ll miss the sharp minds I met here in Portland. Life’s good. I hope life is good for you, too. Let’s all drink tonight and celebrate how good life is.

I have an orthodox Jewish friend who says something in Hebrew before he takes a drink… I don’t know how you’d spell it, but it sounds like “La Hiem.”

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  1. jdosborne said,

    L’Chiam. It means health. So it’s like, “to health.”

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