Help Me Make A Mixtape!

March 31, 2010 at 6:20 am (Uncategorized)

Hey everybody, I much appreciate all of you who stop by regularly to read whatever fell out of my head that day, and I want to ask for your involvement in the creation of my next mixtape. So, what it is:

This next mixtape is what I’ve been vaguely refering to in conversation as a “trip mix”… there’ll be a bunch of new Gasoline Monk songs on it (all leaning more towards the surreal), and other things like that (my man Jdubeats is remixing “Gunshots & Gavels” and there might even be some Forrest Armstrong spoken poetry).

But then there will also be sections of a lot of other people’s songs, mostly with my fingerprints smudged all over ’em, all blended together and whatnot… think: an hour long surrealistic radio broadcast, presented by Gasoline Monk.

To help me out, just let me know what your favorite abstract albums you’ve ever heard are. Email me at, or leave them in the comments section of this post. As an example, check out the list I made a little while ago.

Anybody who tells me bout some stuff that gets on the mixtape will receive a copy of the limited EP I’ll be printing up to go along with it. Get at me!


  1. Daniel said,

    sounds dope! i been thinkin’g about it a lot. here’s some (as i kept writing, more and more came to mind; well, it’s better to have too much music than too little):

    recently Heather Conover got me into Ludovico Einaudi, starting with the song Primavera from the album Divenire (check out Rose from that album too). i’ve only listened to random songs from, but i haven’t heard anything i don’t love by him. he’s kinda Philip Glass meets Explosions in the Sky.

    i LOVE Rubblebucket (formerly Rubblebucket Orchestra). they’re from Boston, and they’re playing at a church in boston may 7 and 8 (we gotta go and dance hardcore, they’re SO much fun live!). the album Rose’s Dream (especially Kuma and the title track) is phenomenal. i’ve been told their new album, Rubblebucket, is even better, but i haven’t heard it yet.

    a treat of an album is McCoy Tyner, Guitars. Tyner is a legend at jazz piano, and he plays a few jam sessions with guitarists Marc Ribot, Bela Fleck (banjo), Bill Frisell, Derek Trucks and John Scofield. i’m not sure what you’d do with this, cause jazz is a long story that grows and grows, so it could be a fun experiment for you. also, definitely listen to the 3 improvisations McCoy does with Ribot, all a-tonal, 1 1/2 minutes anything goes and everything’s good jams. those are excITing!

    Sound Tribe Sector 9–anything.

    Tool – Lateralus.

    Bjork and Razell’s Medulla

    At the Drive-In – Vaya

    Animal Collective – Feels or Sung Tongs (Max Kerr turned me onto them). i HIGHLY recommend using them.

    American Football – American Football (especially the song Stay Home). Adam Veaner turned me onto them.

    something especially for you. idk if you’d use it for the trip mix, the album is already really well mixed, but u need to hear it anyway: Disposable Heroes of HipHoprisy and William Burroughs’ — Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales. Disposable Heroes is Michael Franti’s second band (1991-93) (before Spearhead). they were mostly grunge-hip-hop, but on this album, they’re just background beats for William Burroughs speaking his own works. it’s as awesome as a cross-country road trip naked on a cushioned motorcycle.

    lastly, i gotta call for it. whether or not or what you do with it is up to you, but i gotta say it: Animals, Atom Heart Mother, Meddle, Obscured by Clouds, or Ummagumma, or all of ’em medley’d together. i’m especially thinking some of the Ummagumma recordings, the real trippy obscure stuff, you could have a lotta fun with. go Floyd it. (that’s a phrase that means “go for it”, but on a much higher level than just going “for” it, go fucking Floyd it!)

    in Joy!

    • Daniel said,

      p.s. the band Blackalicious, the album Nia — bomb

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