On the House

April 26, 2010 at 3:21 pm (Uncategorized)

One of the best things about being in Portland was getting to know and work with Mike Daily, the local poet and novelist. After snagging a copy of his Alarm and listening to the accompanying music he made for it, I dropped him a line to ask him if he’d want a Gas Monk remix of one the tracks. At first it was just supposed to be that, a one track deal just to have some fun and make something new… but the first night he took me into the studio, not only did we have a blast making it, but we walked away with something that all the kids in Portland were gettin down to. We knew we had to continue.

Then my homie Jase Daniels aka Vomitus Skink got involved. We had a handful of tidy little poem beats, then Vomitus Skink got his hands on ’em. Beautiful dysfunctional noise chaos poem grooves ensued.  

The results are in. First of this batch to be released, hosted by Alternative Reel, is now available for consumption right here. The rest are fast approaching.

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