Coitus Sonitus

May 1, 2010 at 9:33 am (Uncategorized)

Jase Daniels aka Vomitus Skink is at it again with another album, Coitus Sonitus. This is noise music at its finest… the level of melody, clarity, and meditativeness surpasses its genre and belongs in a category by itself, something that feels a lot like Jase Daniels images look. I think this album might be better than his first, in mude, for the “SEX” sequence alone… five tracks of Skink going places it’s never gone before. For fans of the weird, the gritty, and the other-worldly, this is a must-listen. Also be sure to put the last track, “Dirty Parks,” on repeat for a while – forty seconds of pure beauty.

The album is available, both for free download and as physical CD, here.


  1. Robert Nowhere said,

    Brandon…i tried to download it and it says the files are temporarily unavailable…ill keep trying back over the next couple of days, though…thanks!

    • forrestarmstrong said,

      maybe he’s just getting a rush since he released it today, you know how those file download sites go… definitely keep checking back! it’s really, really great

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