Eckhard Gerdes Drops a New Novel

May 17, 2010 at 1:30 pm (Uncategorized)

Psychedelia at its best. & not the lo-fi soft flower bullshit of the past, but real, colorful, oh-my-God-I-dropped-a-few-tabs-too-many psychedelia, poured out of Eckhard’s brain and into your drinking glass. It’s a real treat to see this hit the world.

It’s released by Crossing Chaos Enigmatic Ink, who also released my own novel Asphalt Flowerhead and Jase Daniels’ The Grubby End. Learn some more about this incredible book (& incredible writer) here.

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  1. Eckhard said,

    Hi, Forrest! I heard all the noise, so I thought I’d come over and see what kind of party you were throwing. Very cool! But watch out for the brown acid–it’s loaded with strychnine. Actually, avoid paper altogether. What you want are microdots or barrels or those little gelatinous pyramids we used to see back in the day. That stuff was pure. Who knows what you’re getting on paper. It could be the Tylenol killer making the stuff nowadays. Back then we knew if it was Owsley or not. We actually knew the fucking chemist’s name. I met Owsley once, by the way. An interesting cat. He was selling handmade belt buckles at a Dead show in the early 80s. Keeping a low and somewhat legit profile. Anyway, party on.

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