Pt. 2: 7 Poems 8 Beats

May 27, 2010 at 8:13 pm (Uncategorized)

Signed and limited to 100 copies, this EP is the companion piece to When You Can’t Afford Weed, Smoke This. It has some of the same Gas Monk original beats on it, but also comes with unreleased beats and remixes and a collection of Forrest Armstrong poetry. The real deal for Gas-Forrest-Monk-Armstrong-heads.

Track List:

1) Late Night Smokes
2) She Must Always Feel Like This
3) Goodbye Portland
4) This Shoulda Been Born in France
5) No Quarter
6) One For Zane
7) I Took My Dream to the Hills (Vomitus Skink Remix)
8 ) Gunshots & Gavels (Jdubeats Remix)


Rubber Cement
If in a Boat, Carried by Each Day
The Matador
To the Quietly Murdered
Black Footprints
The Chase and the Chased
Light and More Fragrance

UPDATE: This CD has gone through some changes. Read about it here.
Also check out this album’s brother, When You Can’t Afford Weed Smoke This.

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