Computer Death

June 3, 2010 at 5:17 pm (Uncategorized)

Yo everybody, sorry for my lack of words on this page lately… my computer died recently and it’s put me way out of the loop. I never get to just cruise the net anymore. It’s made people probably think I’m rude in correspondance and it definitely set me back with the beats (though now I’ve got all my gear set up in a new studio). It made finishing When You Can’t Afford Weed, Smoke This quite difficult. We live in a universe that’s formed a mirror extension of itself through the internet and I’m not in on the party at the moment.

But I’m finally makin money and soon enough I’ll have another, and then everything will be like it was before, when we were younger and happier.

Really, shit is bumpin, very exciting… the mixtapes are out and people are dancing to em and that’s what matters. Also, my next book, The Deadheart Shelters, should be out any minute. Bizarro wild-mind Carlton Mellick III has already called it “The literary equivalent of an Alejandro Jodorowsky film,” and that’s cool to me.

Besides that, just blastin Bahamadia in the 97 Crown Vic I just picked up…

Oh yeah, now that I’m making money I’m finally buying CDs again – not because I really care about CDs but because I care about giving money to artists I respect. The other night I bought Madlib’s Medicine Show #5 – History of the Loop Digga. It’s all beats of his from 1990-2000 and it’s jaw-dropping. This guy never stops blowing my mind. I also bought a strobe light that night and got down to lotsa dubstep and I think my buddy’s gonna start renting out warehouses to bring the dubstep raves to Boston.

That’d be “off the hook”!


  1. druff said,

    You write books too? What a Renaissance Man. I hope you’ll post more on the book as it comes out.

    I picked up Medicine Show 5* too, and largely for the same reasons. Haven’t heard it yet except for some Amazon snippets but it sounds amazing. I’m gonna have to give #3 a few more listens, as it’s, say, more “challenging” for me so far.

    Been meaning to watch The Holy Mountain again w/ Jodorowsky’s commentary… maybe that’ll clarify a few things.

    *Gotta be the worst cover art I’ve seen for any album.

    • forrestarmstrong said,

      Hahaha, I agree with you, that cover art is shit! But goofy enough I can just smile about it. Dude, the album’s unstoppable, some of my favorite Madlib beats evr, for real. I love hearing him just do that HARD hip hop and his style moves a little more away from that all the time – not that it’s for the worse.

      Yeah man, I write books too… my life can be confusing. But it’s fun, music and poetics bring out different things and I just try to stay on top of both – though you can find me in the studio much more than at a desk…

  2. kek said,

    Hey F ! Been getting spam/malware mails from yr mail account – dunno if you’ve been hacked or something on new / old machine….?

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