I Support Nicki Minaj

June 10, 2010 at 5:07 pm (Uncategorized)

Controversy. Everybody hates me for saying it, but I’m down with Nicki Minaj. Not everything she does, but the voice and flow she’s got when she’s just straight up rapping, I really like.

Here’s the first song I heard from her, on Hot 97 Boston, and the second I heard her voice I was stunned:

It’s violently different from the rest of radio rap. Some people ask what she did that Lil Kim and Foxy Brown didn’t already do. The answer seems simple to me: rap well. She’s not just flaunting the fact that she’s a female with this trying-to-fit-in rhyme delivery and boring flows – she has a voice that’s actually different, with a flow that locks in harder than anybody else on mainstream radio right now. I know Nikki Minaj is a hip hop head; she couldn’t flow like that if she wasn’t. Check this out:

But yeah, most of her beats suck. Actually, I guess you could say that almost every original beat she’s going over pretty much sucks. This isn’t unusual for radio music at all. But it makes me really wish I could distill that voice in a syringe and inject it into different things. Her lyrics are actually pretty dope a lot of the time, and she does write all her own shit. She’s pretty adament about that.

I think I’m going to make a remix of one of her songs, see what Nicki vocals sound like over Gas Monk beats. (My buddy Marlon, a UFC fighter in training, tells me he will make me tap out if I do this, so I’m going to avoid him the rest of my life after I release it.) Maybe it’ll be like when you learn how a magic trick works and think it’s boring now. But maybe we’ll all realize that Nicki Minaj is the shit and everybody needs to stop being afraid of things on principle of them being mainstream.

Nicki Minaj and Pete Rock in the future? The thing is, Nicki could be Bahamadia, or she could cop out and be Lil Wayne. Please be Bahamadia, Nicki…

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