Lost in Cat Brain Land

June 29, 2010 at 6:13 pm (Uncategorized)

Cameron Pierce – who really might be my favorite artist of the written word going today, and who I lived with for nearly a year in Portland – just released his third book, Lost in Cat Brain Land. It is also the first of those books to be a story collection, and this kid owns in shorter forms just as much as in his novels. The only difference is he stomps your brain under his sneakers multiple times rapidly, instead of one long drive into mush. This is a gem. I love the tagline, “Sad stories from a surreal world.” Yes. Don’t let his seafood disasters and banana man costumes fool you – under Cameron’s drunken party animal exterior is a fragile, beautiful little hummingbird heart.

Check the description, then rush to give him your money (or die always wondering “what if?”):

A fascist mustache. A desert inside a dead cat. The ghost of Franz Kafka. Primordial entities mourn the death of their child. The desperate serve tea to mysterious creatures. A hopeless romantic falls in love with a pterodactyl.

From a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles where robotic gargoyles are law, to a blighted suburbia where the elephant god Ganesh seeks revenge on a man and his android wife, Cat Brain Land is a place of domestic despair and nightmare foreboding. Where sirloin steaks enroll in daycare and ex-lovers return as tiny dolls.

This is a land of camel people and the Lord of Meat. The farther into Cat Brain Land you get, the more difficult it will be to get out.

Click here to order from Amazon.

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