Two Songs That Make My Life 2x As Good

July 26, 2010 at 3:02 pm (Uncategorized)

My brother is probably sick of them, cause anytime we’re together in my car I grab his iPod and flip it to these same two songs to start the ride.

First is the Daft Punk club-bumper “Indo Silver Club.” I’ve always loved Daft Punk – when I was living in Brighton we used to have massive dark room dance parties to their album Homework. I recently developed a new appreciation for them, in a different way (probably provoked by my DJing nowadays). Despite this song having only like, three or four pieces that fade in and out and filter-morph, I could listen to it all day on repeat.

The second is by the Jungle Brothers – “My Jimmy Weighs a Ton.” But I cannot find the original on YouTube for the life of me. Maybe some of that skeezy copyright stuff prevents it. Hunt down the original on their incredibly groundbreaking 1993 album, J Beez Wit the Remedy. This version still bops though – remixed by Q-Tip, I believe.

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