Props in CM3 Interview

September 5, 2010 at 4:42 pm (Uncategorized)

Was stoked to see Carlton Mellick III mention The Deadheart Shelters as one of the three books he’s most excited about right now in a recent interview with Dark Recesses. It would have tripped my teenage self out to know that one of my literary heroes would end up being my book’s biggest advocate. This interview is terrific as well – for some reason, it’s rare Carlton does these. But he’s one of funniest and most intelligent people I know, so reading how he handles questions is a blast. Like this, for example:

If you were to write a novel about the Korean storekeeper from Leprechaun in da Hood in which he moves from Los Angeles to Montevideo, Uruguay to raise Cattle that look like Madonna and speak Lebanese slang, how much time would you spend researching and do you ever act out your ideas with toothbrushes and Slim Jims? 

CM3: I would do research by watching Lep in da Hood at least a dozen times and then listen to as many Uruguayan Chainsaw Metal songs as possible (chainsaw metal is a new type of thrash metal that is popular in Uruguay). That should be enough research and probably wouldn’t take more than a few weeks. And of course I don’t act out my ideas with toothbrushes and Slim Jims. What the hell’s wrong with you?  I use mustache combs and corndogs.   

He talks about his upcoming novel, Zombies and Shit, the state of bizarro and why it just keeps improving, his relationship with his extremely talented cover artist Ed Mironiuk, and a whole lot of goofy questions that Carl fields like a champ. If anybody is unfamiliar with him, get on his books right away… they’re more addictive than huffing whipped cream cans.

Read the interview here.


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