Ocean Telephones is out now!

September 26, 2010 at 10:00 pm (Uncategorized)

Ocean Telephones has finally arrived – download it here. More dance-oriented than anything I’ve done before, but maybe more tripped-out too. Sort of a nightlife mixtape – the raw hip hop you bump harder than usual in the car, the four-on-the-floor dim lit room dance shit, & sketches of the vibes you drag your chemical-groggy minds through at 3 am… Shout out to Jase Daniels for the great cover art (as well as the noise he contributed as Vomitus Skink), and Jdubeats for working on two of the tracks with me. Here’s the tracklist:

1) Intro (w/ Jdubeats)
2) Watermelon
3) Brah! (I’m Ill!)
4) This Makes Your Fingertips Feel Like Batteries
5) Steambox the City
6) Home Wrecker
7) Fuck It, Let’s Fuck
8 ) Black Mold Pillow
9) Musta Been Blackout
10) To the Hungover & Hollow-Headed
11) Breath & a Creek (w/ Vomitus Skink)
12) Headfirst into Footwork
13) Underground Submarines
14) Computer Love (Monk House Mix)
15) Slingshot Through the Roof, to the Stars
16) Woman, Like My Shoes Got Engines In ‘Em
17) Girl, Like I’m Turning Into Jet Smoke
18) Ocean Telephones
19) Point Blank Ear Grenades
20) Hahahaha, Hahahahaha (w/ Jdubeats)

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  1. Gas Monk on Pirate Cat Radio 11/8 « Forrest Armstrong aka Gasoline Monk said,

    […] tune in at 8 PM West Coast time, 11 PM East Coast time, to check it out… fresh mixes of Ocean Telephones material with the kind of hip hop that makes you find you find yourself standing up on top of […]

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