About the Author

Forrest Armstrong is from Boston.  He is the author of The Deadheart Shelters and makes hip hop under the name Gasoline Monk.  He basically lives off of Cocoa Pebbles.  His art has been compared to Dante and Milton (what?) and a lot more of his mental energy goes to stupid nonsensical things that don’t exist than real life things.  Like brushing teeth and shit.  If you ask him right now the prettiest thing he can imagine is if you cracked open a chestnut, egg or a lemon and a bluebird flew out.

Contact Info

Email: deadheartpoetics@yahoo.com


  1. Matt Coppola said,

    He also makes me laugh under the name Boo boo bunny

  2. Rue said,

    I can tell you how he got that name if you would like to know..

  3. Dan Halpern said,

    I would LOVE to know!

  4. Forest Armstrong. said,

    […] Below is a small teaser into the world of the infinity talented, and cool as a Tarantino flick Forest Armstong, The gasoline Monk. […]

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