Free Mixtapes

All Gas Monk art is done by my main man, Jase Daniels (except for #OccupyHipHop).

(December 2011) (released on Brain Kave Music Group)
[This is the first Gasoline Monk mixtape to be put out on a record label. That in itself it kinda cool. But what’s cooler is how fresh Brain Kave keeps it – nothin but the freshest New York underground sounds. Gas Monk keeps the mix moving and drops exclusive collaborations with K. Smith & Noyz Denali. There’s even a Reks exclusive on here!]

Free download here

GASOLINE MONK – Dislocated Joints, Vol. 2
(November 2011)
[An hour-long beat stream composed out of fragments of all genres. Might bring to mind: East Coast underground nightclubs… dudes who make plastic bucket drumsets on the sidewalk… hot air balloons… griptape… the intense drug-filled blender drink everybody’s drinking in “Earl”… the smoking sections in East Coast underground nightclubs… intergalactic subwoofer spaceships… or anything else you like to think about when you listen to music.]

Free download here

GASOLINE MONK – The Beat Tape (Live at Enormous Room)
(September 2011)
[This mixtape’s for everybody who’s been down with my music since I started putting it out. In this mix I try to summarize what I’ve done and what I’m doing now, and to hint at what I’m doing next. It was recorded live at the Enormous Room in Cambridge, MA on September 7, 2011.]

Free download here

GASOLINE MONK – Dislocated Joints, Vol. 1
(May 2011)
[This is maybe what it would look like if you threw Premier’s Crooklyn Cuts tapes into a blender with Madlib, synthesizers & an abandoned warehouse full of gasoline, subwoofers & MDMA. A rapid blend mixtape of digital DJing, with 54 tracks in under 75 minutes. This is the kind of eclectic mixing hip hop was born with.]

Free download here

(January 2011)
[This is the last thing I made in the Boston studio before peacing to Denmark to get my elektronisk musik on. I got a Wu remix on there, a song with the incredibly gifted Boston emcee Avree Evans, recordings of a drunken party put in reverse, other things, and…. I actually make a Lil Wayne song GOOD! And yes, there is slow-mo Afrojack involved.

Check out the tracklist here.]

Free download here.

GASOLINE MONK – Ocean Telephones
(September 2010)
[More dance-oriented than anything I’ve done before, but maybe more tripped-out too. Sort of a nightlife mixtape – the raw hip hop you bump harder than usual in the car, the four-on-the-floor dim lit room dance shit, & sketches of the vibes you drag your chemical-groggy minds through at 3 am…

Check out the tracklist here.]

Free download here

GASOLINE MONK – When You Can’t Afford Weed, Smoke This
(May 2010)

[A hip hop turntablism-without-turntables mix. It draws together strange sounds and beats from sources ranging from Dilla to Coltrane to DJ Cam, is punctured with a handful of original Gas Monk bullets, and goes for an hour without stopping.  A fun fact: this was mostly made in Denmark.

Check out the tracklist here.]

Free download here
Also check out this mixtape’s brother, 7 Poems 8 Beats.

GASOLINE MONK – Soundtrack to an Unnamed Book
(March 2010)
[Think Madlib meets Godspeed You Black Emperor with the grit atmospherics of Black Moon in this twenty-track surrealistic hip hop mixtape. This is the soundtrack to my novel coming out on Swallowdown Press, May 2010. We don’t know what to call it yet. Revision: this book is out, and we called it The Deadheart Shelters!]

Free download here & here


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  3. MNTHL said,

    NO!!!!!! I CAN’T FIND MORE!!!! Its like havin sour shaq diesel for a week and tryna go back to reggie bush.

    • forrestarmstrong said,

      Hahaha, word man… more’s comin soon!

      Those beats on your Soundclick are dope man, what’re you usin?

  4. charleski81 said,

    You’ve got some real shiny beats here. Keep up the ill work!

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