January 12, 2011 at 5:45 pm (Uncategorized)

Gasoline Monk mixtape #4. This is the last thing I made in the Boston studio before peacing to Denmark to get my elektronisk musik on. I got a Wu remix on there, a song with the incredibly gifted Boston emcee Avree Evans, recordings of a drunken party put in reverse, other things, and…. I actually make a Lil Wayne song GOOD! And yes, there is slow-mo Afrojack involved.


1) Heartbeat or Shower Drain
2) Criminology (Gas Monk Remix)
3) Single (Gas Monk Remix)
4) Dreamin (feat. Avree Evans)
5) Not Stressin Shit

Download the mixtape here.

P.S. We actually had to learn how to say Gasoline Monk backwards to make the intro and outro. It sounds sorta like “K-gnome-eell-ah-saaaag.”

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